About Your Party Team


Bangkok Nightlife Tours is a team of diverse individuals from different continents each with their own party vibes. Let us take you on a night you will never forget in the Bangkok, South-East Asian City of Angels.

Together with our licensed Thai Party Tour Guides we guide you from the evening into an memorable night.

We are a Thai registered company and have a Tourism license from TAT.


Co Founder

Always up for a party, Frederik aka Fré for the friends, is a Belgian crazy outgoing party animal. Born and raised in Belgium, 5 years ago he left his home country behind to come to Bangkok. Fré used to be a bartender in Ghent and a marketing executive/sales manager, currently he is Co Founder of Bangkok Nightlife Tours and works for Regus in Thailand as a sales manager. The past years he has intensively explored the Bangkok Nightlife Scene and is a frequently seen party player all around the city.
Fluent in Dutch, English, French, basic knowledge of German and Thai, he will guide you through your party night, introducing you to Bangkok’s best bars and clubs making sure you will have a memorable night!

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Co Founder

Creative mind and Founder of Bangkok Nightlife Tours, Sheldon aka Cash, is a hot blooded South African living in Bangkok! Currently studying at the UTCC for a Master in International Business Management, Cash saw a niche market in the Bangkok nightlife scene. He created the Bangkok Nightlife Tour packages and is your man to show you around in Bangkok. His favourite tour is Party Like a Thai and he will sure show you how to do it and do it right. He used to be a DJ in South Africa, business savvy and a real party goeroe.
Fluent in English, Afrikaans and profound in Thai, he will guide you through the Bangkok Nightlife Scene.

“I have been Partying in Bangkok for over 2 years now and all I got to say is … Are you free tomorrow night lets do it again!!!!”

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Co Founder

Born and bred in Thailand, Krabi, Niti is a one in a million Thai you will never forget. He used to live in Norway and England, before he came back to his home country. Besides being the Co Founder and a Tour Guide, he is also a private personal trainer, real estate agent and a DJ in Bangkok. He used to own a restaurant in Krabi and worked many years as a bar manager in Oslo.
Fluent in Thai, English, Norwegian and Swedish Niti will guide and party with you on our tours.

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“Pack Your Bags!”

Pick a tour, grab a plane ticket, pack your bags and party shoes, and let’s start partying!